Shivangi Tikekar
shivangitikekar [at]

I currently work as a developer for PROTO.

In 2018, I graduated from Ashoka University, with a major in Computer Science and a concentration in Media Studies.

I have spent a summer studying linguistics at UC Berkeley. I have also been an intern at the Trivedi Centre for Political Data.

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Incumbency Profile of the Lok Sabha
2018 - 2019 | for the Trivedi Center for Political Data

The visualisation shows all candidates contesting for Lok Sabha elections in a year. They're split into columns by party, with the colours indicating the party they contested from during the last election. The project aims to look at incumbency and cross-party movement of candidates.


Slums in the Big City

This scrollytelling project looks at the slum population data with respect to the total population data for India's 10 most populous cities, and attempts to identify trends between population and slum growth.

Theme courtesy of Jon Barron.